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Parenting Techniques & Family Therapy

How often do you find yourself arguing about homework?

About the amount of time on devices?  

Do you struggle with bedtime?

Do you struggle with getting your children to follow directions the first time you ask?

If any of these sound familiar you may be a perfect fit for parenting & family therapy. 

Parenting Techniques

I work closely with parents as a part of my practice to create the most success for the client. Some parents come in solely for parenting techniques and support, and some come to me as part of the therapeutic process as I see their child in therapy. Either way, I can help parents implement these techniques at home to see a change in their overall environment and achieve a much happier and peaceful relationship with their children.

Family Therapy

Family therapy isn't just about mommies & daddies and their kiddos. Sometimes it is about siblings, grandparents and parents and the healing that can be needed between everyone. Part of the therapeutic process is being able to express how you feel, and family therapy is sometimes part of what helps you heal.

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